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Natus Vincere finalizes League of Legends roster

Natus Vincere League of Legends
Natus Vincere announced the signing of two players Thursday to finalize its roster for the summer League of Legends Continental League split.

Natus Vincere announced the signing of two players Thursday to finalize its roster for the summer League of Legends Continental League split.

Na’Vi revealed the additions of jungler Aleksa “DoubleAim” Stankovic and mid laner Viktor “Piter Pokir” Pachkunov, letting go of Sebastian “niQ” Robak in the process. Piter Pokir formerly played for and Vaevictic eSports, where he played with DoubleAim for a team that was LCL runner-up in the spring split.

“When shaping the team for the summer season we based on searching the player for the jungle position,” Na’Vi manager Yaroslav “N1ghtEnd” Klochko said in a statement. “We noted DoubleAim, who had demonstrated remarkable result in the previous split. We quickly found common language and understood we wanted to work together in the upcoming season. The opportunity to work with Piter Pokir was good. Despite the fact that Viktor had spend the last season in Russian Challenger Series doesn’t mean he had drop down in performance. He has acquired good gaming shape and continues improving it. Furthermore, he’s got vast experience of playing against the high class players of the region. I am  glad to welcome the newcomers in Na’Vi. I also would like to express my gratitude to Sebastian for his contribution during the uneasy spring season and for his reaction to the decision to make reshuffle of the team.”

Na’Vi has an on-and-off tenure in League of Legends. The organization, which is a giant in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, fielded a League of Legends team in 2012 before leaving the game. Na’Vi returned to League of Legends in late 2015 but released the team after failing to qualify for the European Challenger Series.

The organization announced another return to League of Legends in January with a roster led by Vladyslav “aMiracle” Shcherbyna, who qualified for the League of Legends World Championship last year with Albux NoX Luna. Na’Vi finished seventh of eight teams in the spring split of the LCL, the domestic League of Legends league for the CIS region.


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