Blizzard to host celebratory marathon stream on anniversary of Overwatch launch

Overwatch launch celebration anniversary

Blizzard will host a marathon Twitch stream marking the one year anniversary of Overwatch’s release, with content creators and streamers of Overwatch across seven different languages.

Blizzard announced on the Overwatch website that it will host at least a 12-hour Twitch stream Wednesday to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game’s release. The stream will start at 4 a.m. ET, and Blizzard will invite numerous content creators and prominent streamers to the TaKeTV studios in Krefeld, Germany for the event.

For the English stream, notable guests include YouTube content creators such as Unit Lost Gaming’s Stylosa and Fail Craft Cast’s Hammeh, as well as streaming personalities Mark “Valkia” Purdy and Emily “QueenE” Krumlinde.

Other languages represented during this event are German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Polish, with a number of content creators of their own. It isn’t clear in the post if the other languages will have their own separate stream or if they will share air time with the other language speaking content creators. At 2 p.m. ET, the live stream will transition to include dev interviews, in-game challenges, and even more prizes, according to Blizzard’s release.

Overwatch came out May 24, 2016, and Blizzard has since planned a celebratory three week event to commemorate one year of the game. This appears to be just the beginning.


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