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Insec leaves Royal Club


Legendary Korean Lee Sin player Choi “Insec” In-seok has left his Chinese team.

Insec left the League of Legends Pro League team Royal Club, writes Fomos’ Kim “Kenzi” Yong-woo. Royal Club also announced the move via its Weibo account on Friday.

Insec has been a part of Star Horn Royal Club as a jungler since 2014, and he has been there ever since except for a brief time as the top laner for Team King in 2015. He returned to Royal for the 2016 season.

His play as Lee Sin as been famous enough to have a maneuver named after him called the “Insec Kick,” in whch the Lee Sin Flashes or jumps to a ward behind an enemy target to kick them into his team. Previously a player for Team Bubble in 2012, he is one of the oldest veterans in professional League of Legends, and is a well-respected figure.

Although he played a part in taking Royal to the Season 4 League of Legends World Championship, he has been a player in China’s secondary league since Royal’s relegation in Season 5.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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