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Korean fans trash anniversary Overwatch skins

Overwatch skins
Blizzard announced a new batch of Overwatch skins to commemorate the game's one year anniversary, which Korean fans met with a whole bunch of hate.

Blizzard announced a new batch of Overwatch skins to commemorate the game’s one year anniversary, which Korean fans met with a whole bunch of hate.

The new legendary skins will be available in “One Year Anniversary Loot Boxes” from May 23 to June 12, an announcement that came to the excitement of many. So far, the announced skins have included Bastion, Pharah, Solider 76, and Zarya, with more to be announced or added before the event.

Despite the fanfare that Blizzard intended with the new “Legendary” skins, Korean users have been almost all against the new designs, heavily criticizing the them through Youtube videos and an official news post on Inven. Highlights of the reactions include:

  • “The skins look like something a Chinese knock-off would come up with.”
  • “If this is supposed to be an event in thanks, why are the new skins in such a sorry state?”
  • “Just bring in skins from Heroes of the Storm at this point.”
  • “The new skins look like they’ve gone bad.”
  • “You guys really didn’t want to sell any skins this time around.”

Meanwhile, in the West, the reception has been generally positive, with many replies on the Twitter announcement showing excitement for the new skins.

Skins in Overwatch are achieved through random chance with Loot Boxes, which are available for purchase, unlocked at certain milestones of an account, or given out for free during specific events since Overwatch’s release. With a total of 299 skins available from Loot Boxes, duplicates of skins can be obtained, making each new skin something meaningful for the players, especially when factoring in the rarity.

The announcement of the new skins is just one part of Blizzard’s celebration for the one year anniversary of Overwatch, which is Wednesday. The company has planned a three week event and will include a marathon stream on Wednesday.


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