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League of Legends regular play will add modified 10-ban system

League of Legends 10-ban system Patch 7.11
The long awaited 10-ban system will make its way to League of Legends regular play with Patch 7.11.

The long awaited 10-ban system will make its way to League of Legends regular play with Patch 7.11.

Riot Games announced regular play of League of Legends will finally get a version of the 10-ban system that was implemented into competitive play in every region earlier this year, but the system won’t exactly be the same. In fact, the final result might not even be a total of 10 bans.

With no changes in “declaring intent” before the ban phase, now every player — not just three — will get to ban one champion each for both sides. This means 10 players will lock in their bans simultaneously, and after the bans are locked in, the bans are then revealed to both teams. Duplicate bans are possible, which means that each ban phase doesn’t guarantee a total of 10 bans each game.

The intent of the design is to “increase player control in champ select,” with each role now capable of banning a counter to the champion they wish to play each game, without having to hope that one of the players with banning rights agrees. A staunch difference from the drafting phase in professional leagues, Riot explained that the competitive scene and those outside of it are too different to be on the same plane.

“It pretty much comes down to the needs of a team of organized players being very different from individual players placed on a match-made team,” Riot said in the announcement. “In organized play, having some knowledge of your opponents’ strategy means you can pivot your pick and ban phases to specifically target weaker players or home in on a small champion pool.”

The 10-ban system was put into consideration before the 2017 pre-season, after a lot of community feedback. 2017’s spring split was the first to implement 10 bans that mixes picks and bans during the same phase. So far the change has been met with near universal praise from coaches and players across regions, and a similar feature was expected to make its entrance into regular play based on Riot’s prior announcement.


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