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Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games choose Dota 2 over League of Legends for MOBA category

The Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games chose Dota 2 over League of Legends for its MOBA category.
The Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games chose Dota 2 over League of Legends for its MOBA category.

The Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games spurned League of Legends in favor of Dota 2.

The Fifth Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games will feature Dota 2 for the MOBA category of esports competition. Dota 2 will join StarCraft 2 in the RTS category and Hearthstone in the Card Game category, while the sports game category has yet to be announced. This is a large change from 2013’s Fourth event held in Incheon, South Korea, which included categories such as Racing, Fighting, and FPS. The Card Game category was also new for this year.

The event is held every four years and includes 62 participating countries in Asia and Oceania. It is a merger of the Asian Indoor Games and the Asian martial Arts Games. This year’s Games will be held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The 2013 event — the first after the merger — featured StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Special Force and League of Legends in the esports category. All of the gold medals were claimed by Korean representatives, with KT Rolster Bullets winning the gold medal for League of Legends.

Registration for the event ends June 10, and the National Olympic Committees of each participating country will hold qualifiers in order to choose their representatives to a maximum of eight teams or athletes.

The Asian Games, a separate entity, will feature esports starting in 2022, as the Olympic Council of Asia announced a partnership in April with Alisports, the sports arm of Chinese online retail giant Alibaba, in order to introduce esports into the Asian Games, set to be held in Hangzhou, China.


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