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Ambition on married life: “I think you can think of us as a ‘weekend couple.'”

Ambition talks about married life and Samsung Galaxy's goals for the League Champions Korea Summer split.
Ambition (Kang Chan-yong) talks about married life and Samsung Galaxy's goals for the League Champions Korea Summer split.

After his marriage earlier this month, Samsung Galaxy veteran jungler Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong says marriage hasn’t changed his day-to-day life at all.

Ambition spoke with Fomos’ Park Sang-jin in a video interview about his professional gaming life after marriage and said because of the hectic schedule of both the bride and the groom, they don’t really have a lot of time to spend together. The marriage itself has, however, added a sense of stability to his life, he said.

“I think you can think of us as a ‘weekend couple,'” he said. “We spend time together when I have time off, and my wife is also working so when she has work around Seoul, we eat together. That’s all we can manage for now because we’re both so busy.”

Ambition also has the interesting honor of being the first professional in Korean League of Legends to be married during his active career. Ambition said he wasn’t really interested in being the first or only player in this context, and expressed his wish to “continue my career as usual while not taking pressure” that comes with that title too seriously.

On the topic of his honeymoon, Ambition said the couple hasn’t been able to go on one yet, again because his schedule as a League Champions Korea player. He did say he aims to have one when there is more time available so they can properly enjoy themselves.

“We couldn’t have a honeymoon because of my schedule, so I’d like to have one during the offseason when I can really enjoy myself without being chased for time,” he said.

Ambition said Samsung’s goal for the summer is to make it back to the League of Legends World Championship, where the team was runner up last year. His personal goal is to step up his game from last split, as he feels that he “didn’t do all that well,” as Kang “Haru” Seung-min stepped up to the plate and made a name for himself.


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