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Riot Games reshuffles class and subclass classification for League of Legends Champions

Riot Games reshuffled class and subclass definitions for League of Legends Champions.
Riot Games reshuffled class and subclass definitions for League of Legends Champions.

After its first venture into dividing a pool of more than 100 League of Legends Champions, Riot Games reshuffled the system for more clarity and removed one class in exchange for another.

In its Developer’s Blog, Riot described what it has learned from the past, removing the previous subclass labeled “Disruptors” in the Controllers class. The blog post reads that the category became more of a jumbled mess that didn’t give a clear idea as to what Disruptors actually do, as well as not limiting terrain manipulation skills to just to a single subclass, since they are “tools that any champion can utilize to help fulfill their intended purpose.”

In place of Disruptors will be the new “Catchers” subclass, which is a category for champions who specialize in using ranged “fishing tools” that target and isolate enemy champions that the teams can collapse onto. Catchers would be the aggressive choices in the Controllers class, while the “Enchanter” subclass would be the more defensive choice.

Another new category is “Unique” champions, those that don’t always conform to the boxes Riot previously created. The previous concept of hybrid subclasses seemed to have increased confusion, according to Riot, and it gave up on that way of classification altogether. Rather than pigeon holing champions in to awkward fits, Riot elected to just keep unique play styles as just that, unique.


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