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SKT Untara: “I want to find my confidence with SKT.”

Untara said he wants to regain his confidence by playing with SKT.
Untara (Park Ui-Jin) said he wants to regain his confidence by playing with SKT (SK Telecom T1), the reigning League of Legends world champions.

The priority objective of SK Telecom T1’s new top lane addition, Park “Untara” Ui-Jin, is to recover confidence in his performance.

Untara told Daily eSports’ Lee Yoon-ji he wants to recover his form with SKT, the reigning League of Legends world champions, while also being able to perform well on stage.

“I want to find my confidence with SKT,” he said. “If I do get a chance to compete on stage, I’d like to show a good performance.”

Untara previously played for CJ Entus last 2016 season, and left the team at the end of the season as CJ was relegated to Challenges Korea. He took time off during the spring split, but he said he spent the bulk of it practicing. Untara said he “practiced like a professional,” putting a lot of focus in his solo queue performance while putting three accounts to Korean Challenger

The hard work seemingly paid off as he was contacted by SKT during the break between splits as he was looking for a new team. He said he even considered going overseas.

“I was looking for a team to play with during the spring, but I was without luck,” he said. “I even thought of going overseas, but SKT contacted me while I was thinking that I’d prefer to play in Korea.”

Untara will replace Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung, who signed with the Ninjas in Pyjamas of the European League of Legends Championship Series for the summer split. Untara will share the top lane role as a substitute for Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon.


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