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Azir could be next League of Legends champion in line for a makeover

Azir could be the next League of Legends champion to receive a rework.
Azir could be the next League of Legends champion to receive a rework. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Azir could be in line for a face lift in an upcoming League of Legends patch.

In a development blog by Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, he outlined possible changes along the way for Azir and other pieces of the game.

Azir has been a nightmare of a champion for Riot. Despite his popularity in the competitive scene for the past few competitive seasons, he’s been under constant changes due to the difficult nature of his balance and his unique mechanics. One of the ways Riot might touch him up, according to Meddler, is like what they did to Rek’Sai: take away Azir’s mobility, range or burst and put the extra power somewhere else. This is still a theory in the works, which means it might be a couple of months down the line.

Tournament Draft in custom games

With the new simultaneous 10-ban system in place, Riot went ahead and added in the tournament draft mode for custom games, for those who want to run individual tournaments among friends.

Kindred and Rek’Sai…and Malzahar?

Both Kindred and Rek’Sai look too weak even to Riot, which means buffs across the board for Kindred and tweaks to Rek’Sai that make her targets have a more difficult time avoiding the ultimate.

On the other hand, Malzahar seems to be doing quite well, with no tweaks to his kit, but he might be a little overpowered. Whatever the verdict might be, it’ll have to wait until Patch 7.12 or 7.13.

Runic tease

More announcements are expected early next week. That’s it.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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