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SKT Blank apologizes to Ever8 player for being rude during stream last year

SKT Blank apologized to an Ever8 player for being rude during a stream last year.
SKT Blank apologized to an Ever8 player for being rude during a stream last year.

SK Telecom T1 substitute jungler Kang “Blank” Sun-gu offered an apology to his upcoming opponent for unsportsmanlike conduct that happened a year ago.

Blank was SKT’s saving grace Wednesday during a tight 2-1 win against Longzhu Gaming in League Champions Korea action. After losing the first game, SKT substituted Blank, and he continued his undefeated streak with two victories.

But at the end of his post-match interview with OGN’s Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo and Kim “Dangun” Ui-joong, Blank proactively said that there was something that he had to address.

“We face Ever8 Winners next, and I have some things I feel sorry to their mid laner Cepted (Park Wi-rim), and there are parts that I am completely as fault, so I want to offer my apologies to him here,” he said. “I also want to say that I’ll be working to be a mature professional player. I’m sorry.”

The reason behind this apology is a resurfacing of Blank’s conduct last May during a stream. According to an Inven post by a stream viewer, in a ranked game with Cepted on his team, Blank was rather rude to him. Although no toxic language was shared, the recollection of chat firmly puts Blank as an uncooperative teammate, blaming Cepted for a number of things. The post recirculated recently after Cepted joined Ever8, which perhaps prompted Blank’s apology.

Blank also talked about his relationship with Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, saying that the two of them are working to better each other, and that Blank often used Peanut’s practice to learn a thing or two.

“When Peanut practices, I watch his game next to him thinking ‘how could I steal the baron,’” he said. “I think I got some knowhow about it now. I used to get Baron stolen a lot, but thanks to him and my own hard work (it doesn’t happen as often).”


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