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Wolf and Faker lament their own performance in the making of SKT’s world championship skins

Faker and Wolf lamented their own performance in the making of SKT's world championship skins.
Faker and Wolf lamented their own performance in the making of SKT's world championship skins.

Although the new championship skins for SK Telecom T1 are heralded as some of the best Riot Games had ever made, SKT’s Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok expressed disappointment with their own roles in the making of the world championship skins.

Both players went on the record to say that the new skins look great and that they are happy, but they wish they could have done at least one thing a little bit different. For Faker, it was was the recall animation.

“For the recall animation, when they took the video I thought my recall would look cool, but when it actually came out — maybe it’s because the character model is small, you couldn’t really see it,” Faker said during a post-match interview Wednesday. “I think maybe I should have gone in a different direction. It would have been better if I came up with a cooler idea.”

In an interview with Daily eSports’ Lee Yoon-ji, Wolf said the recall animation was great and he was “incredibly happy” with it. In fact, Wolf said that the recall animation he had in mind had to be altered, but into something better.

“At first I wanted a giant hand to come down and make sushi out of Nami, but I was told that my idea might be too violent and gory,” he said. “So they changed it, and I’m very happy with (the new one).”

But Wolf’s reservations lie with the design itself, and though the skin “reflects my design input,” he also had some “very small regrets,” making him think that he should have appealed more to the design team. He closed his thoughts that he still thought that the overall quality of the skins are very high, and that he was satisfied.

SKT, the reigning League of Legends world champion, expressed excitement as Riot rolled out the look of the 2016 championship skins. When asked about the skins during a post-match interview, AD Carry Bae “Bang” Jun-sik said he was more than satisfied with the result.

“I felt happier than I did when I won worlds,” he said. “The record of us winning 2016’s worlds will remain as careers, but now it’ll exist in-game as well. The quality of the skins are also so high, so I hope the fans buy them.”


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