ChuDat joins Team Liquid’s Super Smash Bros roster

Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez, one of the longest running Super Smash Bros professionals in the world and perhaps the best Ice Climbers player in Melee, has joined Team Liquid.

Liquid announced the acquisition Thursday. ChuDat has been a professional since 2005, making him one of the most seasoned veterans in the scene. His performance as Ice Climbers impacted the meta of competitive play in the early points of competitive Melee, which is also when he earned the title of the best Ice Climber player in the world.

“I am so honored that Team Liquid has chosen me to represent them,” he said in a statement. “This is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to start playing under their brand.”

ChuDat’s track record from the earliest days of his career in 2003 to the present has been scarily consistent in Melee’s single and doubles tournaments. Most recently, ChuDat placed first in the second edition of the Battle of BC tournament from June 3-4, where he competed with his famous Ice Climbers in the Melee event.

Team Liquid has now expanded its collection of prominent Super Smash Bros figures to three, as ChuDat joins Juan “HungryBox” Debiedma and Kashan “Chillin” Khan under the Team Liquid banner.

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