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Kennen, Shaco, Trundle all receiving buffs, Galio to be nerfed in upcoming League of Legends patch

Kennen, Shaco and Trundle all could be buffed in an upcoming League of Legends patch.
Kennen, Shaco and Trundle all could be buffed in an upcoming League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

League of Legends champions Kennen, Shaco and Trundle all could see buffs in an upcoming League of Legends patch, and Galio is in line for nefs, according to the latest PBE update. As always, these changes are tentative. But let’s run down what could be coming to a League of Legends patch in the near future.

Galio gets nerfed

Galio will receive a nerf in the base armor department and the base damage for his Q, but he will get a higher AP Ratio for his Q and his ultimate to compensate. This is most likely dealing with the perception that Galio, though designed as a tank, has been a little too effective in the damage category without the need of damage items.

Kennen buffed in the AP department

Kennen is set to see a slew of AP ratio increases in his W and his E, which will be bumped to 60 percent and 80 percent, respectively. Two nerfs are coming in the form of a smaller percentage increase of attack speed per level of 3 percent, and his fifth attack, which is empowered as part of his W’s passive, will be expended by the initiation in his attack, rather than a connection. That means once you throw your fifth empowered attack, it either hits or disappears. It’s clear that they’re hoping to hit Kennen’s effectiveness as an AD split pusher into more of a mage, but that has yet to be seen.

Khazix needs to find more isolation, gets sneakier

Khazix’s main damage skill, his Q, will hit less per level, and the AD ratio will take a hit from 120 percent to 110. His isolation bonus damage, though, goes to 65 percent. His ultimate, which camouflages him, will last longer (up to 1.5 seconds). If he evolves the ultimate skill, it goes up to three seconds, which gives a massive amount of time and movement speed buff window for him to isolate and eliminate lonely targets.

Maokai can use his ult more often now

Maokai went from one of the most contended picks to really not popular. His sapling damage took a hit — which is should have — but his ultimate still remained as one of the slowest, hardest to utilize ultimates ever. To compensate, Riot Games reduced the cool down time to the ultimate to max out at 80 seconds, which means it’s still slow, but it can happen a lot more often at least.

Shaco’s knives are no longer magic, but they are really buffed ones

Shaco’s E, which featured him throwing a dagger, will no longer scale off of magic damage but attack damage, his intended build path. Not only that, but it’ll deal more base damage, will scale up to 120 extra bonus attack damage at the max level, and can deal an addition 50 percent damage based on the missing health of its target. The assassination potential of his E has become a lot more formidable, especially considering that he can cast it at a distance.

Trundle gets a huge buff

Probably the biggest change to come to the top lane is Trundle. Previously a pretty contested bruiser tank in the top lane, he has since fallen from grace, so Riot will put more oomph into his kit. His Q ability will now reduce the amount of attack damage dealt by his opponent up to 40 at his max level, which also matches the amount of bonus AD he receives. His W will also increase the amount of healing by 25 percent, giving him perhaps one of the most rapid regeneration effects, especially when coupled with Spirit Visage. With the new buffs, Trundle might return to his kingdom of the top lane, able to duel it out with split pushing AD top laners while maintaining a sturdy tank wall for his allies.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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