TaZ and gla1ve speak about future of show matches and teams’ form ahead of ELEAGUE $250,000 Clash for Cash

Ahead of Friday night’s ELEAGUE Clash For Cash, a $250,000 show match between Astralis and Virtus.pro, Lukas “gla1ve” Rssander and Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas conducted a conference call with members of the media to talk about the match and the current state of Counter-Strike. Highlights of the call are below:

TaZ on VP’s ability to rise to occasion under pressure: “I think this is something we built in our DNA during all the years we competed, even before CSGO. There were times there were no salaries, not much money on the line, and only winning the big events could be viewed as (making) some kind of living. ‘This is the moment. This is the moment where we win or we can’t play anymore.’ That stayed in our blood. Whenever there is a big event, whenever there is a lot at stake, we just have it. ‘This is where we need to step up.’ It’s hard to explain when we enter into this mode.”

Gla1ve on the notion of walking away with no money: “I think it’s a bit terrifying to maybe walk out of here with zero cash, but still, the opportunity to win that much money (in one match) and play against a prestigious team like Virtus.pro is amazing for us.”

Gla1ve on which team between VP and FaZe Clan is Astralis’ bigger rival: “I’m really glad that VP didn’t do that well (lately) because it would be really hard for us (on top of) if FaZe played well and SK played well. Right now, I think FaZe is our toughest opponent in the scene. They’ve been going just one way, which is up. We play them in practice very well. We’re trying our best to use a play style (that will be effective against them). To use the same play style we use against SK and VP is not good because the way they play a little different.

TaZ on Astralis: I think Astralis is a very structure team. They have a way of approach. They frustrate every opponent in a different way. They try to play the best way possible against every opponent and play to their weaknesses.”

Gla1ve on Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski: I think snax is the X-factor from VP. He played great in the Major final against us and we managed to win anyway. But I think snax is the X-factor for Virtus.pro.”

Gla1ve on the concept of show matches: Eventually it could be the future of CS:GO to do show matches.”

TaZ on VP’s unpredictable nature: The best thing about VP and also the worst thing about VP is (we) can have the best team in the tournament and (also) the worst team on any day…(the fans) love the lack of knowledge about style of play this team will show. I’m loving it as well. Maybe not when we lose, but I love the hype. You will see good VP tomorrow.”

Cover photo by Turner Sports/ELEAGUE

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