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Mata potentially denied Challenger jacket after address mishap

Despite reaching Challenger in three days, Mata was denied a coveted Challenger jacket because he did not record his address in time for shipping.
Despite reaching Challenger in three days, KT Rolster's Mata (Cho Se-hyeong) was denied a coveted Challenger jacket because he did not record his address in time for shipping. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Not even Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, one of the world’s best League of Legends supports, is a match for bureaucracy when it comes to a Challenger jacket.

Mata, the support player for KT Rolster, posted to Facebook on Friday that he reached Challenger as quickly as he could after last year’s League of Legends World Championship in hopes of receiving a coveted Challenger jacket, pictures of which have begun to surface on social media this week. But Mata posted a screenshot of a ticket he sent into Riot Korea that told him he might receive one.

The ticket itself indicated that Mata forgot if he included his address in time to get the Challenger jacket shipped, and a representative of Riot Korea said that unfortunately because he didn’t register his information in time, it would be difficult to assist him.

“After last year’s worlds I was really happy when I got Challenger in three days after coming to Korea to get the jacket, but why can’t I even have it when it’s front of my face?” he lamented. “I loved you…”

The Challenger jackets were part of 2016’s Challenger rewards, with the top 100 players in Challenger of each region being shipped a one-of-a-kind jacket, with the top 10 players in Challenger getting a medallion as well. The jackets have been a topic of conversation all week among the League of Legends community, but for now Mata is on the outside looking in.


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