Cyclowns disband after poor showing in Overwatch Contenders group stage

European Overwatch team Cyclowns disbanded one day into the Overwatch Contenders group stage after going 0-2-1 during the first day of competition.

The organization announced Sunday that the team will disband with all the players and coach now being free agents, even though the tournament is still going on.

The decision doesn’t seem to stem from their rather disappointing performance in the tournament, but rather because “players receiving endless offers from top tier teams,” meaning that it paints a picture of the team not being able to compete as they were “being org-less” for five months.

The Cyclowns showed some success in smaller online tournaments, as they have finished in first for seven of the 10 tournaments in which they competed, including multiple Go4Overwatch Europe Cups. They have also had a history of former players being signed on to bigger organizations, as Isaac “Boombox” Charles moved to eUnited and Tiago “mowzassa” Rodrigues left Cyclowns for Laser Kittens.

It’s unclear what Blizzard intends to do with the now empty slot. The options seem to be either to continue the group with one less team or to put in another team in the slot. Cyclowns was a part of Europe’s Group D with Movistar Riders, team 123, and Alfa Squad.

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