Russian StarCraft 2 pro banned for impersonation and attempted collusion/match fixing

A not-so-crafty Russian StarCraft 2 professional tried to engage in match fixing by pretending to be someone he’s not.

Blizzard announced Thursday it received a report from a professional player about a broadcaster allegedly attempting to convince the player to fix matches. After further investigation, Blizzard found no broadcaster was involved, but instead Pavel “Revolver” Belov, a Russian professional player, was the offender.

“As a result of his impersonation and attempt to match fix, Revolver is now banned from all current and future Blizzard Esports competitions, and will be removed from the player list for WCS Jönköping,” according to a disciplinary statement.

The identity of the professional player that Revolver approached or what broadcaster he attempted to impersonate was not made public.

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