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Azir will receive further tweaks, Riot says

Azir is in line for even more changes due at an unannounced League of Legends patch.
Azir is in line for even more changes due at an unannounced League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Azir has been one of those headaches in terms of balance for a long time, despite being one of the most contended League of Legends champion picks for the mid lane in competitive play. Riot Games’ efforts have continued, it seems, as Azir is set to get yet another tweak, according to a post from Alexander “Wav3break” Huang.

Changes to Azir have been possible for a few weeks, but the structure is more clear now. The goals are divided into three parts: give Azir’s opponents play options, buff Azir and increase his ranked performance, and keep the unique mechanic of summoning sand soldiers to do his attacking for him.

The way the Riot development team can take this, as Wav3break laid out, is one of two ways. The first is to reduce the range where he can command his soldiers while keeping his mobility roughly the same, which has the other upside of being not so demanding on the team since not much needs to be changed. The second path is to keep the same command range but shoot his mobility in the foot by killing his ability to dash toward his soldiers, making him a backline damage dealer.

Separate from Azir’s mechanics itself, the soldiers will probably stab a lot harder with an overall boost to their DPS. So far, the team tested some ways to reduce the soldier’s AOE damage in the early game but bring it to 100 percent in the later game, giving him a hit in lane management while still making him pose a threat in the long run.

It remains to be seen if this change is just the thing that Azir needs to be back on the Rift.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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