Update: New Overwatch map Horizon Lunar Colony won’t be disabled in competitive play after all

UPDATE: Bill Warnecke has since updated his previous post saying new Overwatch map Horizon Lunar Colony will not be disabled in competitive mode. The story headline has been adjusted to reflect the new information.

Horizon Lunar Colony, a new Overwatch map, was released Tuesday and will be active in competitive play after some confusion.

When a new map is released in Overwatch, its usually an occasion to celebrate and explore all the new map has to offer. But when it comes to competitive play, the enthusiasm is cut down by a lot. As a post on the Overwatch forums asked Blizzard Entertainment to disable the map for one week for competitive play, as a new map will just end up confusing players in that setting.

Barely an hour later, the lead software engineer Bill Warnecke replied to the thread saying Blizzard will do exactly that, and the moon base will be disabled for the first week in competitive play. But Warnecke later said the map would indeed go live, even in competitive mode.

The Horizon Lunar Colony has been a long-awaited map for players and developers alike, as the video of the making of the new map indicates. As the colony where the gorilla scientist hero Winston originated, the map will be working to tell a story of what happened on the moon base, and what led to its unfortunate demise.

So in the short term, try out the map all you want, but it’ll be a week before you can integrate what you learn into competitive play.

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