Rek’Sai could receive further tweaks

Rek’Sai continues to be tweaked as Riot Games aims to find the right balance for the League of Legends champion.

Rek’Sai has been on the experiment table as part of trying to revamp her image as a savage hunter, rather than a tanking engager that she eventually turned into. One of the changes applied, according to the latest PBE update, was making her ultimate deal damage to targeted enemy champions instead of to tunnels around the map, but increasing the AD ratio to 185 percent might not be the way to make her more viable.

Granted she has seen some professional play in North America, but the common criticism is quite clear: it’s way too easy to dodge the damage from her ultimate. Go “Score” Dong-bin, the jungler for KT Rolster in Korea put Rek’Sai in some unclear territory after the rework.

“In Rek’Sai’s case, her new ultimate is good, but it’s too easy for the target to avoid it through escapes,” he said. “I can’t feel like she’s been improved in a large way.”

Perhaps making the damage actually stick will be the way to make Rek’Sai the predatory jungler that she was designed to be, rather than just giving her a damage boost.

Here are some other of the notable changes from Monday’s mini PBE update, which as always are fluid changes with no set date of when — or if — they’ll go through.

SKT Skins get some new effects

The Syndra and Nami, League of Legends World Championship skins for SK Telecom T1, will get prettier and more thematic effects on their spells.

Zeke’s Herald to Zeke’s Convergence

The support-AD Carry synergy item is getting a facelift with a new name, new icon, and new effects. Instead of giving targeted allied champions an attack speed steroid at full stacks, the new item will surround the item holder and get a field that will slow enemy units when an ultimate is used near the allied target, while giving the ally empowered auto attacks for 10 seconds that deal 50 percent magic damage as a bonus. If the player holding the item then attacks a target that was “ignited” by an auto attack, the field gives a larger slow and extra damage.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games

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