Taking Aim Episode 13: “The NA problem”

In the latest episode of “Taking Aim,” Slingshot’s Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu discuss takeaways from DreamHack Summer, the continued problems with North American Counter-Strike and Richard Lewis’ recent report about case opening sites.

They then debate who is right in the North/G2 feud, which EnVyUs team is the real one and if there should be more show matches. Finally, they do a deep dive on the treatment of the banned match fixers.

Time stamps:

0:22: DreamHack Summer takeaways
11:00: EU Minor takeaways
19:55: Rush’s tweet and the North American problem
28:11: RL report about case opening sites
33:16: CS turns 18 years old. Favorite memories
40:10: Either/or: Which side of the G2/North beef?
46:30: Either/or: Which is the real EnVyUs?
48:40: Either/or More or less show matches?
52:33: ESL’s potential unban of match fixers


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