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Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch probably won’t have underwater maps anytime soon

Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch likely won't be going underwater anytime soon.
Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch likely won't be going underwater anytime soon. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says that there are a lot of reasons why an underwater level will likely not happen.

Now that players can go to a moon base while playing a super intelligent gorilla scientist, a question was raised on the Overwatch forums about why underwater has yet to be explored as a location. Kaplan took on the question — the sort of thing he’s done a lot lately — and gave a number of reasons.

“The main reason is that we rarely found swimming gunplay fun in other shooters that we played,” he said. “Another reason — and one we would easily go back on if we thought swimming added fantastic gameplay — is that every Overwatch hero is animated by hand using key frame animation.

“If we added swimming, every single character would have to get an intense amount of animation work for the base locomotion plus animation updates for every ability.”

The explanation makes sense, as working on individual animations for all the the characters with unique animations would take away from other projects that the team had lined up. Kaplan didn’t completely close the doors on the idea, however, by adding a “maybe in the future” at the end of the post. But don’t hold your breath.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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