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PraY on his most memorable matches: “I tend to remember the disappointing moments more than my happier moments.”

PraY says losses to SKT stick out in his mind after a five year League of Legends career.
Longzhu Gaming's PraY (Kim Jong-in) said losses stay with him more than wins during his career, especially losses to SKT.

Longzhu Gaming AD Carry Kim “PraY” Jong-in said all the losses in his career against SK Telecom T1 tend to linger in his mind.

Longzhu defeated the Afreeca Freecs 2-1 in Sunday’s League Champions Korea match, putting Longzhu fourth in the standings. In a video interview with Fomos, PraY was asked what happy and disappointing moments he remembers in his five-year career, and he said he remembers more of the latter, especially defeats at the hands of SKT.

“I think I tend to remember the disappointing moments more than my happier moments,” he said. “I have some regrets in my play as Twitch during the finals against SK Telecom T1 as a part of the ROX Tigers (in 2015), and when I was part of Najin (Black Sword), we could have dropped them in the semifinals but I remember not performing well. That match still remains in my head and makes me kind of mad thinking about it. I think I had some unfortunate ties with SKT and memories of losing against them many times.”

Indeed since his beginning as part of Najin, PraY has crossed paths with SKT many times at key moments. SKT bested Najin in 2013’s League of Legends World Championship in the semifinals, and beat them again in the 2014 LCK summer split quarterfinals, both close 3-2 matches. After some time off, PraY joined the ROX Tigers in 2014, where his team lost to SKT in the 2015 LCK spring final, 2015’s worlds grand final, the 2016 LCK spring final, and the semifinals of 2016’s worlds.

When it came to the top three AD Carries in South Korea right now, PraY shot off the first two in no particular order without much thought, and pondered the third choice, with himself removed from the equation.

“Removing me from the lineup, I think it’s Bang, Deft, and Teddy,” he said. “Those three.”


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