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CoreJJ on CuVee: “He’s good at everything but solo queue…I noticed his MVP points are higher than his solo queue points.”

CoreJJ says CuVee is good at everything except solo queue.
Samsung Galaxy's CoreJJ (Jo Yong-in) says CuVee (Lee Seong-jin) is good at everything except solo queue.

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in poked some fun at the solo MVP of the Samsung Galaxy‘s most recent League Champions Korea match.

Samsung played an entertaining three game set Wednesday against Longzhu Gaming. In an interview with Daily eSports’ Lee Yoon-ji, CoreJJ was asked his thoughts about Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin, and CoreJJ offered his usual entertaining banter.

“CuVee does well in games where his lane works out,” he said.  “I think he’s good at everything but solo queue. He’s been climbing the ladder, but he was at his best (onstage) when he was in Master Tier, so I hope he drops some more and continues to do well in competitive games. I noticed his MVP points are higher than his solo queue rank points.”

Game 2 was a tug of war as Samsung was unable to close the game out against Longzhu’s defense. Samsung’s AD Carry Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok was “lost” in Game 2, CoreJJ said, and the team “got him on the right track.”

On the topic of Ruler, CoreJJ said that though he hadn’t received all positive responses lately, he never lost faith in his lane partner.

“People have been saying that he looks better lately, but I think he’s been good like he’s always been before,” he said. “I don’t feel any large difference. He’s always been good.”

Samsung ends the first round of the LCK summer split close in the standings to reigning LCK champion SK Telecom T1, which is 7-1. CoreJJ said he couldn’t help but feel optimistic.

“I imagined us making it to the finals (of the LCK),” he said. “I couldn’t preemptively expect this result, though, because it wasn’t like we were winning all of our practice matches.”


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