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Updated: ESL lays off at least 20 people, many in TV and event production

The ESL has laid off at least 20 employees, mostly in event production, effective in September.
The ESL has laid off at least 20 employees, mostly in event production, effective in September. Photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL.

The ESL has notified at least 20 people, many in production, of their impending termination, according to multiple sources close to the organization. Most employees will have until the end of September before losing their positions within the organization.

After a meeting with ESL CEO Ralf Reichert on Wednesday, many employees were subsequently notified of their upcoming termination through an email, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the meeting. The full range of layoffs includes, but is not limited to, both TV production and graphics departments. TV production contains both onsite and offsite event employees, such as streaming and audio technicians. As a result of the exodus, one source explained many other employees are considering leaving the company.

The total number of layoffs is unclear, but one source estimated it could be as many as 50. The development comes a week before ESL One Cologne, perhaps the ESL’s most prestigious Counter-Strike event, which starts July 4. That means many production employees could be working their final offline event with the company, as the ESL event schedule dies down after Cologne.

ESL did not initially respond to request for comment. Please check back with Slingshot for more information about this developing story.

UPDATE (2:36 P.M. ET): ESL gave Slingshot the following comment:”ESL is realigning resources and expanding its organization to drive innovation in the esports market, including creating opportunities in original programming, strengthening our in-game capabilities, and expanding our brand globally. As part of that process, some people will be leaving the company. This reflects an adjustment of our internal organization and is a step towards preparing ESL for the future ahead, and will not affect the quality of productions such as ESL One Cologne.”

Cover photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL,


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