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ROX Sangyoon: “I wish Mickey the best wherever he goes.”

Sangyoon offered the ROX Tigers' first public comments about the release of Mickey.
The ROX Tigers' Kwon "Sangyoon" Sang-yoon wished Mickey the best in his career one day after the ROX Tigers released the mid laner.

ROX Tigers AD Carry Kwon “Sangyoon” Sang-yoon wished Son “Mickey” Young-min luck in his future endeavors.

After ROX’s 2-1 against KT Rolster in Thursday’s League Champions Korea match, Sangyoon was asked in an interview with Fomos’ Kim “Kenzi” Yong-woo about the Tigers’ decision to release Mickey. Sangyoon’s response was short and careful.

“It’s sad to see him go after playing with him for three years,” he said. “I wish Mickey the best wherever he goes. I’ll work hard to show good performances with the other players.”

Sangyoon has a long history with Mickey, as they were both part of Rebels Anarchy in 2014. The pair continued together when their organization rebranded to the Afreeca Freecs, and the duo even moved to the new ROX Tigers at the end of 2016.

After the first round of the LCK summer split, Mickey was mysteriously absent from the team’s lineup in preparation for Round 2. On Wednesday, ROX announced the decision to release Mickey after the first round through social media, though the team offered no reason why.

ROX Tigers head coach Kang Hyun-jong was the only member of the team to offer some sort of statement regarding why the team let Mickey go. According to an interview with Inven’s Shim Young-bo, “Mickey was let go due to some issues between him and the team,” but didn’t say anything else on the matter.

The announcement has been met with a lot of negative feedback so far, as Mickey was shown streaming with his now former teammates a day before the announcement and talking about the coming games in Round 2. The lack of information from the team also made the issue worse, as fans are still kept in the dark from detailed — or any — reasoning that led up to the decision. But the initial results were apparently successful, as Thursday’s upset win against KT Rolster improved ROX’s record to 3-6.


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