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Peanut: “I’m not worried even if I’m not the starting jungler choice.”

Peanut doesn't mind losing his starting job to Blank as long as SKT keeps winning.
SKT jungler Peanut (Han Wang-ho) says he doesn't mind losing his starting job if the team keeps winning.

Han “Peanut” Wang-ho isn’t new to the idea of taking the back seat, and it hasn’t stopped him from putting in work behind the scenes.

SK Telecom T1 defeated MVP 2-0 in Sunday’s League Champions Korea match. In an interview with Inven’s Jang Min-young, Peanut commented on the recent turn of events in which Kang “Blank” Sun-gu has emerged as the starter. SKT is 19-0 when Blank plays this season, and Peanut isn’t sharing the same success. But Peanut said the situation isn’t new to him, and he’s still working hard.

“It’s something I’ve experienced since I was Najin (e-mFire,)” he said. “I’m not worried even if I’m not the starting jungler choice. I do feedback with the coach and Huni (Heo Seung-hoon) while in the back. We focus on whenever our enemies make a mistake or when our team loses. It’s set up that we can hear the team’s voices in the booth. When I play the game, I listen to the laners based on what’s going on. The coach looks at the map in a more broad way.”

Indeed, Peanut hasn’t always been the popular super jungler since his debut. ¬†As he started on the roster of Najin but took a back seat to Cho “Watch” Jae-geol. His aggressive jungle style shined as he was on the roster for the ROX Tigers and developed into the popular player he is today.

His past coaching staff from Najin had also recently sent encouraging messages to Peanut, but Peanut told Inven that everything is fine, and as long as the team does well, he’ll find his opportunities to play.

“I don’t think I’m having a very tough time when I hear people telling me a lot of other people have it worse than I do. The team is on a winning streak and is in first place. I just need to work hard and get my chance to perform.”


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