Taking Aim Episode 16 (w/Stuchiu and DeKay): Why is Swearing in the fucking rule book?

In this week’s episode of “Taking Aim,” Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu discuss ESL One Cologne and the new map veto process for the PGL Major. They also debate which is the “real” version of Cloud9, Natus Vincere and Team Liquid. They also take a deep dive on the PGL Major and offer their predictions for a multitude of events.

0:00 ESL Cologne Recap – Who the fuck wants to play SK?
11:18 ESL Cologne Recap – NA teams didn’t suck
20:00 Event security and idiots running on stage endangering talent
23:10 Map/veto change
29:50 Cloud9 and mouseports “trash talk”
34:00 Which is real: c9 at Major Qualifier or C9 last place at DreamHack?
35:45 Na’Vi at Pro League Finals or Na’vi at Every other event
58:20 Besides SK, who has the highest chance to win the Major
59:30 Teams with the best chance to go 0-3 or 3-0
62:50 Best chance at MVP

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