I can’t get angry at PtitDrogo

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

At DreamHack Valencia today, PtitDrogo played TRUE in the playoffs of WCS. After losing, TRUE went over to shake his hand. PtitDrogo ignored it and stormed off. While this was clearly a lack of sportsmanship on his part, I can’t really get angry or offended by it. Esports and competition in general can be incredibly emotional, so sometimes in the heat of the moment, you make the spiteful move you later regret. PtitDrogo later went on Twitter to apologize for his actions, so really there is nothing to be angry about.

And even if he hadn’t apologized, I don’t think I could be all that angry. Sometimes your emotions get to you and this is such a small infraction that I really don’t care about it. In a way, I sort of like seeing it, as the anger from PtitDrogo tells me that he cares deeply about the game and his own performance in the game.

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