Overwatch’s punishment system update is coming soon

Overwatch's punishment system update is coming soon.
Overwatch's punishment system update is coming soon. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said Thursday there is an update to the current punishment system on the way.

In a reply to a forum post expressing — albeit mistakenly — overly lax punishments regarding reports about purposefully losing a match, Kaplan dropped in to quickly say a new punishment system is “coming soon.”

The reporting system for Overwatch has been previously labeled as lax because the system is indeed in place to report players for a variety of reasons, but the consensus was that the consequences were too weak. Posts on the Overwatch forums also reflect the players’ frustrations in this regard, with some players just not afraid of being reported at all.

A player did an experiment last month to test the limits of the report system and put the findings on Reddit. The result was that, yes, the reporting system is indeed functional for abusive language, but the punishment for more severe offenses such as cheating or griefing remains unclear.

The current list of reportable offenses are spam, abusive chat, cheating, griefing, inactivity, bad Battletag and poor teamwork. Kaplan didn’t explain in detail how the punishment system would be revamped, or when exactly it would go public, but simply that it’s on the way. So hang tight, Overwatch fans. The fix is coming.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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