Slingshot staff predictions for the PGL Major

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

This time around, we’re just doing some predictions for the Krakow Major day by day. It will be me, Vince and Dekay.

Vince’s picks: GMB, F3, VP, SK, FaZe, C9, Na’Vi, AST

Dekay’s picks: GMB, FNC, VP, SK, FaZe, C9, G2, AST

My picks: GMB, FNC, VP, SK, FaZe, North, G2, AST.

In the first round, I think there are only three close to contested matchups: Gambit/Mouz, North/Cloud9 and Na’Vi/G2. I have both Gambit and Mouz in my playoffs, but for this particular matchup I’m going with Gambit. Gambit has more experience than a majority of the players at Mouz and the time off should have them prepped for the teams. Mouz do have the edge in skill, though.

For North/Cloud9, I think C9 is too dependent on Skadoodle, Shroud and n0thing having a similar performance to what they had at the last LAN. I don’t think it’s possible and more importantly, they’ve shown their cards at the last LAN. So North should ban Mirage and Train, take it to a middling map and then win there.

Na’Vi won its last encounter against G2, but I think G2 will win this because it required s1mple and GuardiaN going HAM at the same time. While it can happen, most of the time it hasn’t. This will be the best match for Day 1, but I’ll go with G2.

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