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KurO: “In a ratio of 8:2 or 7:3, MaRin makes the TP calls.”

TuSiN says he played Galio on Wednesday because he didn't have anyone else to play.
TuSiN says he played Galio on Wednesday because he didn't have anyone else to play.

Afreeca Freecs mid laner Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng, the player with the most MVP points in the League Champions Korea summer split, said crucial teleport calls come from his top laner.

Afreeca dealt SK Telecom T1 another loss Saturday in a clean 2-0. As the sole MVP of the match, Kuro discussed the way the team communicates in the post-match interview with OGN casters Kim “Dangun” Eui-joong and Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo. He said the teleportation timing Afreeca has become known for mostly comes from one source.

“In a ratio of 8:2 or 7:3, MaRin (Jang Gyeong-hwan) makes the TP calls, which are very solid,” he said. “Even in the last part of Game 2, he said he was going to TP in looking for Ashe, so the rest of the team followed up on it.”

The call in question was the teleportation by MaRin that ended Game 2, where he came in from the back of SKT, flanking SKT perfectly and boxing them in for a clean ace. The Freecs’ teleportation calls have set them aside from other LCK teams.

Afreeca also pulled out a surprise Rumble jungle pick in Game 1, which seemed to throw SKT for a loop, especially as MaRin is very well known for his performance as Rumble. The pick itself wasn’t made on the fly and reflected what jungler Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon was good at.

“We were always confident in Spirit’s ability to use the Equalizer and we used the pick in scrims,” Kuro said. “We won most of those scrims as well. On the other hand, MaRin is so good on Rumble we thought he would get banned out, but he went through a couple of times. It was definitely a prepared pick.”

That was corroborated by Spirit himself, who said in an interview with Inven that it was a prepared strategy to “confuse SKT,” which also gave the team room to ban the champions that were difficult to handle. The drafting phase “went as we expected,” according to Spirit.

The Freecs sit in fifth place with a record of 7-5 and stands a solid chance to make it to the playoffs. They will play the bbq Olivers next on Tuesday.


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