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Adrian: “When I played on my other teams, everyone else was trying hard and I was the one falling behind, I guess. Now on Dignitas, I’m the one who wants to try really hard.”

Adrian says moving to Dignitas has reignited his desire for League of Legends.
Moving to Dignitas, Adrian "Adrian" Ma says he's the one trying harder now. Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration.

With a fresh face in support Adrian “Adrian” Ma in the starting lineup, Team Dignitas unexpectedly swept Counter Logic Gaming and then beat Phoenix1 2-1 during Week 6 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS). Slingshot’s Emily Rand sat down with Adrian to talk about his role on the lineup and returning to the LCS stage.

Emily Rand: Congratulations on the 2-0 week. How do you feel?

Adrian “Adrian” Ma: It feels really good, just to come back into LCS and have a 2-0 weekend.

ER: The team is looking a lot more confident, and this was your first week starting for them. What is the team atmosphere like? And what was it like for you to step out onstage and play for Team Dignitas?

AM: I just recently started scrimming a week ago. We’re just splitting time between the four bot laners, and me and Altec were the best fit. It was really easy getting into the team. I think I’ve played with a lot of multilingual teams before: Huni and Reignover, Impact and Rush, XiaoWeiXiao. I think I’m really good at playing with a lot of multilingual players and integrating onto the team with them. I think I’m a really friendly person and I like to hang out with them a lot outside of the game, and be really friendly. I feel like we’re already pretty close as a team.

ER: So you will unlock the hybrid roster of Dignitas?

AM: (laughs) Basically. Every team I’ve been on I feel like I’ve gotten along with people and brought them to my level, so that’s what I want to do on Dignitas.

ER: When comparing Dignitas to those other hybrid teams you’ve been a part of, what’s different about this team?

AM: Compared to other multilingual teams, everyone is still really good on Dignitas but I feel like we’re still inexperienced? Maybe players had bad habits from before, or they got relaxed on Dignitas. I think we’re fixing it now. When I played on my other teams, everyone else was trying hard and I was the one falling behind, I guess (laughs). Now on Dignitas, I’m the one who wants to try really hard because I want to keep my spot. There’s a fire under my ass, and I’ll get flamed if I don’t perform.

ER: Speaking of that, something that has become a meme in North America is the Adrian one-trick meme. This actually is something that comes up often when people evaluate supports, saying that they can only play one or two champions. In terms of evaluating supports, why do you think players in the support position specifically receive a lot of this type of criticism?

AM: For support specifically, viewers really love playmaking supports making flashy plays. I guess the way I like to play is that I just don’t care if I get credit or not. I just want to win the game, so I play the game the way I think it should be played: slower game, vision control, making picks, setting up for others. I like being smarter than the other team’s supports. I don’t feel like I have to rush into games, I just play confidently and know that I’ll play better and be better.

ER: Right now, an important part of the support meta involves roaming away from bot lane. How do you feel you’ve done communicating on roams with Dignitas so far?

AM: I think I’m really good at controlling vision in the whole river and pressuring the entire map. A lot of supports, they’re really aggressive and they go for kills, or they’re really passive and give up vision onstage. In the CLG game, I got off a lot of roams on mid. Even in our P1 games, I was controlling river brush. I think I was sitting in bot brush for three minutes and Xpecial was just sitting bottom and Ryu was getting pressured mid. I was just in the brush the whole time.

ER: Lastly, where do you see Dignitas ending up this split?

AM: We’re definitely a playoff team. I’m not sure exactly where we stand yet, since we haven’t faced TSM or C9. If we train really hard, we can definitely compete with them come playoffs.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration