The FGC Coaching issue

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At EVO this past weekend, Hungrybox used coaching in one of his playoff matches. It was found out later that coaching was banned after pool play making this an illegal move. According to the rule book, Hungrybox could either be DQ’d or given a yellow card. In the end he was given a yellow card. I agree with the decision as the bracket had already started and that was the best compromise they could have given at the time, but the justification why Hungrybox wasn’t DQ’d was so hilariously stupid, I’m not sure why they even bothered to say it. In this tweet, Mr. Wiz said both Hungrybox and SFAT violated the rule.

In this clip, it’s clear that G$ is just making a joke of the coaching that Hungrybox was doing and not actually coaching. I don’t even know why he brought it up. If he really believed that, then anyone could randomly run up during any match and get someone DQ’d by pretend coaching.


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