MLB contemplates challenging trademark of Overwatch League logo

Major League Baseball (MLB) has 10 days to submit an opposition to the trademark of the Overwatch League logo if it so chooses.

According to a blog post on the Morrison-Lee website, MLB is considering challenging the trademark of the logo for Blizzard’s Overwatch League as the baseball league might feel the Overwatch League logo too closely resembles MLB’s logo.

As trademarks are approved, the post writes, they are published in a weekly newsletter by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any parties who believe they will be “harmed by the impending registration of the mark” then have 30 days to file an opposition to the trademark or ask for more time to file an opposition. The MLB reportedly chose to ask for more time and received it, and the league has until July 26 to submit its opposition if it chooses to do so.

The Overwatch League logo was published March 28, and the MLB requested an extension of time to oppose the logo through the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, receiving 90 more days to investigate its claim with further counsel.

There two logos have some similarities. Tracer is dividing contrasting colors much in the same way that is depicted in MLB’s logo. The name of the league is written under the horizontal OWL logo, much in the manner as in the MLB logo, though in a different font.

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