Smeb on the mishap regarding the Eye of the Rift Herald: “I thought Score picked up (the eye).”

Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho gave some insight to the comedic situation during KT Rolster‘s League Champions Korea match Sunday in which he abandoned the Eye of the Herald.

During the match against Ever8 Winners, which KT won 2-1, came a curious moment when Smeb and Go “Score” Dong-bin took down the Rift Herald but didn’t pick up the Eye of the Herald item, which allows a player to summon the Rift Herald and deal massive damage to enemy turrets. In an interview with Inven’s Shin Yeon-jae, Smeb said both players thought the other picked it up.

“When Score and I took down the Herald, I thought that Score picked up (the eye),” he said. “He later told me that he thought I picked it up and went to get Red. I was wondering why no one used the eye yet, and when we grouped up for a team fight, my teammates still thought I had the eye. We all only realized what happened after we grouped up. It was rather surprising because it never happened before, even in practice games.”

KT also pulled out a Sejuani-Braum team fighting composition in Game 2, which was proven effective by Samsung Galaxy during its match against SK Telecom T1 last week. Although KT lost the game, Smeb said the composition itself looked strong and it can effectively respond to enemy aggression.

Smeb also went up against the latest addition to Ever8’s roster, Kim “Kiin” Ki-in, who was able to out split-push Smeb in Game 2 as Jax and was a large part in Ever8’s Game 2 win. Smeb had high praise for the new player.

“He played better and more gutsy than I thought,” he said. “I was rather surprised at points. I think I was able to get bigger than him in Game 1 because we had a top-sitting strategy.”

KT is in fourth place but has yet to face the three strongest teams of the summer split — SKT, Longzhu Gaming and Samsung Galaxy — in Round 2. Smeb anticipates the matches will indeed be difficult, but shared the team’s goal after Rift Rivals being “to win all of the remaining games” in the summer split and go into the playoffs with confidence.

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