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Umti on Game 1 against SKT: “I told the team ‘How could they let the jungler deal the most damage?'”

Umti and Jin Air handed SKT an unprecedented loss on Tuesday.
Umti and the Jin Air Green Wings dealt SKT its third defeat in a row on Tuesday.

Jin Air Green Wings jungler Eom “Umti” Seong-hyeon jokingly poked fun as his team for not dealing as much damage as he did against SK Telecom T1.

Jin Air handed SKT its third League Champions Korea loss in a row Tuesday with a swift 2-0 defeat. Game 1’s MVP was predictably Umti, who was a menace in the jungle, carrying his team to victory. In a post-match interview with SpoTV, he revealed a funny question he asked his teammates.

“I didn’t expect (to deal the most damage) at all, but I told the team ‘How could they let the jungler deal the most damage?'” he said with a broad smile. “I joked about what they were doing that game.”

Umti set the tone for the rest of the match with an early gank in Game 1, as Umti was around every single corner, shutting down SKT’s attempts of trying to catch Jin Air out of position. Although the total number of kills in the game was fewer than 10, Jin Air took the early lead, snowballed it to take objectives, and delivered a sub-30 minute defeat in Game 1.

Game 2’s MVP was mid laner Lee “Kuzan” Seong-Hyeok, who had a carrying performance as Leblanc. He spent most of his interview praising Umti, saying that his jungler “went full King-ti mode” in Game 1. A stand out moment in Game 2 was when Kuzan TP’d into the back of a team fight, following up on No “Snowflower” Hoi-jong’s five-man stun as Kennen.

“After Umti got caught out we thought we should give them the turret and turtle up, but Snowflower made the call that it was a good chance for me to teleport in, so I followed it,” he said. “After the Kennen five-man ultimate, I was able to clean up well.”

When asked if he was particularly aware or sensitive to the LCK standings right now (Jin Air is sixth), Umti said he was in fact sensitive to all of the rankings, both professional and in solo queue. He said that he sits at No. 18 in the rankings, and that he wants to climb the professional league and solo queue leaderboards.

Jin Air has suffered bad losses to teams like the bbq Olivers and an ailing MVP, but then turns around to win against Samsung Galaxy, Longzhu Gaming and now SKT. The fans have been calling Jin Air the “Robin Hoods” of the tournament, a team that takes from the rich (by beating strong teams) and gives to the poor (by losing to bad ones). As a closing comment, Umti said that he wants to put an end to that perception.

“Right now we’re doing things that make us look like Robin Hoods, but I feel like such merciful events will come to an end,” he said. “I want our team to win all of the remaining matches and make it to the postseason.”


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