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Score on picking Skarner jungle: “We talked about utilizing Skarner before our opponents could find a way to deal with him.”

Score said the Skarner jungle pick was prepared before anyone could figure out it happened.
Score used a surprising Skarner jungle pick in KT Rolster's LCK match Wednesday.

Go “Score” Dong-bin said his surprise Skarner jungle pick was prepared before anyone could find a way to counter it.

KT Rolster defeated MVP 2-0 in Wednesday’s League Champions Korea match, and to the surprise of just about everybody, Score pulled out an unexpected Skarner jungle pick in Game 1 and won with it. In an interview with media members after the match, he talked in detail about the reasoning behind his choice.

“Supportive scaling junglers have gotten better as the Cinderhulk enchantment for the jungle item got buffed,” he said. “I was practicing Skarner in preparation, and we talked about utilizing Skarner before our opponents could find a way to deal with him.”

With the price decrease of Bami’s Cinder, tanking junglers have risen to prominence as the jungle is no longer dominated only by champions looking for a high number of kills. Picks like Sejuani have been the most popular of that category, and Score added that with the most current patch, even Cho’gath jungle might make a return. When it comes to Warwick as a possible future pick, Score classified him as a “composition breaker,” and said it’s hard to pick him in the current drafts that prioritize jungle champions.

Although his performance as Skarner was quite impressive, Score was unable to garner MVP honors of Game 1, and Score had some joking opinions of his own about why he has such a hard time getting MVP nods in general.

“I think my teammates throw every time I look like I can get an MVP nod,” he said smiling. “I have this strong feeling that they’re sabotaging me.”

KT has a rough schedule for the rest of the LCK summer split, one that includes matchups against SK Telecom T1, Samsung Galaxy, and Longzhu Gaming. Score said it’s actually quite positive the schedule worked out the way it did.

“We’re past the half way point of the split,” he said. “We need to play well no matter who we face at this point. That’s why I think it’s better (that we have to face the stronger teams).”

KT sits in second place in the LCK with a record of 10-3, one loss behind first place Samsung Galaxy.


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