TV viewership drops slightly for Street Fighter V finals at EVO

The Street Fighter V grand finals at EVO had a slight drop in TV viewership compared to last year, according to the Nielsen ratings.

Data points for TV viewership Sunday show an average of 180,000 people tuned into the ESPN2’s more than three hour block of the Street Fighter V grand finals at EVO, which is a slight drop from 2016’s EVO grand finals, which recorded an average of 201,000. About 137,00 people of the 180,000 average is in the key demographic of ages 18-49, where ESPN is strongest despite recently shrinking subscriptions.

The Twitch viewership for the Street Fighter V finals peaked at 179,072 on the main channel and 219,568 total on Twitch, according to available data. The viewership on Twitch seems to be more or less similar to last year with slight divergence on the main channel and Twitch as a whole.

Disney XD broadcast the grand finals for Smash 4, but the ratings didn’t even break the top 150 in viewership in the critical 18-49 demographic.

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