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Kayn’s ultimate could be more powerful in a coming League of Legends patch

Kayn's ultimate will be more powerful in a coming League of Legends patch.
Kayn's ultimate will be more powerful in a coming League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games

According to the latest changes to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, Kayn’s ultimate will deal some extra damage.

As a mobility heavy assassin character with two forms to transform into, many players have complained about the newest champion’s lackluster ultimate since his release. What’s supposed to be Kayn literally going into the target and bursting out to deal a lot of damage is more of a small burst.

Riot Games has heard the fans’ cries, and the buff for Kayn will have its attack damage ratio go from 110 percent to 150. The hope is this will give him the meaty chunks of damage players are expecting out of their newest character.

Shyvana nerfs

This nerf is strictly in response to a previous PBE update that initially boosted her base armor to 30. Now it’s down to 29, but it’s still a higher value than what it is on the live patch, which is 27.628.

More Duskbalde nerfs

Perhaps the item that caused the torrent of rage and frustration from the League community, the Duskblade of Draktharr will receive another nerf after its first hot fix and touch up of its passive.

The latest tweaks are on the damage on the item’s passive, Night Stalker, which allows the wielder to do bonus damage when they auto attack after being unseen for a period of time. The damage went from 55-360 to 65-320, capping the max damage while boosting the early game effectiveness. The bonus damage ranged auto attacks got the same treatment, going from 20-320 to 45-300.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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