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FLY Moon: “I actually love imbalanced patches. I think they’re really fun.”

FLY Moon says he enjoys playing imbalanced patches.
FlyQuest jungler Moon (Galen Holgate) says imbalanced League of Legends patches are fun. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

FlyQuest had a tough Week 7 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series. The team dropped both series 2-1 and finds itself in a difficult spot for playoff contention. After losing to Immortals, Slingshot’s Emily Rand sat down with FlyQuest jungler Galen “Moon” Holgate to chat about FlyQuest’s season, playoff hopes, and the new competitive patch.

Emily Rand: Things have been up and down for FlyQuest recently. Where is the team at right now?

Galen “Moon” Holgate: Right now, we’re still hoping for playoffs, but with every loss that gets further and further. I’m confident in our ability to run through gauntlet if we do go through gauntlet, but right now we have a lot of team problems.

ER: What team problems? Can you elaborate?

GH: Oh, no. We’re just not that good. It’s not team problems like everyone hates each other. We just have to improve a lot to get there.

ER: One of the biggest questions going into this week was the new patch for competitive. What do you think of the new patch?

GH: I actually love imbalanced patches. I think they’re really fun. It’s really entertaining for fans to watch and it’s actually really exciting as a pro. Every single team has different priorities depending on which team other teams are scrimming against. You’ll have three different groups of metas and that’s kind of what we saw today. There were three different priorities on champions. I think it’s really fun to watch. Even solo queue is really fun for me, getting one-shot by Duskblade is actually kind of fun or having 5,000 health on Cho’Gath is pretty fun.

ER: You looked like you had a lot of fun on Cho’Gath today.

GH: Well, kind of.

ER: How would you compare this to other dramatic patches you’ve played on?

GH: I honestly can’t remember the last dramatic patch I’ve played on.

ER: I think the only other one that was as contentious this year was the initial meta at the start of spring.

GH: Yeah, but those are just champions. When champions are imbalanced, they’re just perma-banned. This patch it’s not just champions but items. Everything is super OP. You can’t ban items. It’s definitely a lot more exciting than when Camille/LeBlanc/Rengar was super OP because you can’t just ban on purple side. You can still just play Duskblade Jhin and one-shot people.

ER: How do you feel like FlyQuest has adapted to the new meta so far?

GH: After we saw all of the other teams play today, I think we realized that we don’t have the best read on the meta. There were definitely a couple of champions that the best teams in NA are prioritizing really high. So it’s not a huge deal and that’s bound to happen. It’s just that we and the teams we were scrimming didn’t prioritize them and it turned out that they were pretty strong champions.

ER: So it must be pretty difficult to get a read on the new patch in the first week then, especially if you don’t know if what you’re scrimming will be successful…

GH: Yeah. It’s really hard to scout the other teams. It’s really hard to prioritize. You don’t even know if what you’re prioritizing is actually good or not, so you just kind of go into the matches blind.

ER: Last time we spoke, you felt pretty bad about being at the bottom of NA, which in turn, you said was a lot worse than Korea, the best region. But now, NA performed really well at Rift Rivals. Did that change your mind at all on NA as a region?

GH: Still not feeling great about how we’ve played this split, but I guess NA is a pretty good region right now. Or maybe EU just sucked at that tournament. It’s hard to say. I don’t know, I guess just thinking NA is suddenly a good region is a bit of a culture shock to me. Maybe after one more international tournament and I’ll decide after that.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games