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LCK cautions Bang for on-stream comments, appeasing angry fans

LCK appeased fans by cautioning Bang for recent on-stream comments.
LCK appeased fans by cautioning Bang for recent on-stream comments.

The League Champions Korea (LCK) operations committee cautioned Bae “Bang” Jun-sik for the on-stream insult he levied at a fan months ago.

Following the controversy surrounding the comments made by SK Telecom T1’s AD Carry, the LCK operation committee released that a “caution” will be issued to his team. Based on LCK rules, two cautions result in a”warning,” which takes one point off from a team’s win-loss ratio, which is used to break a tie in the standings.

According to the press release, the committee was made aware of the comments July 28 and determined that a caution would be the most appropriate response, taking into account the fact that Bang apologized both through social media and during a post-match interview .

The controversy stemmed from a comment Bang made during a stream a couple of months prior. As someone in the chat told Bang that he should “work harder” after teammate Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok got a $1,000 donation, Bang fired back saying “Even if a hundred idiots (like you) put their pay together, it wouldn’t be comparable to mine.” Since then, the Korean League of Legends community seemed determined to see Bang punished for his conduct, with one going as far as notifying the Korean eSports Association about the matter.

The issue was magnified as SKT was going through its longest losing streak since the organization’s two sister teams combined in 2015. With the season already nearing the end, the caution will not have any detrimental effect on the team, as SKT is already confirmed to finish fourth in the LCK standings.


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