Check out the Overwatch Summer Games legendary skins

The Overwatch Summer Games event went live Tuesday, and with that came the release of seven legendary skins.

The new skins are as follows:

Biker Reapered

Grillmaster: 76

Côte d’Azur Widowmaker

Tulum Sombra

Cricket Junkrat

Lifeguard McCree

Winged Victory Mercy

A highlight video from Pharah was also added, as well as victory poses for a number of heroes, all of whom are brandishing a medal.

The previous skin teasers from game director Jeff Kaplan were all confirmed with the exception of Reaper, whom Kaplan didn’t mention in the past video.

The second annual Summer Games starts Tuesday and lasts until Aug. 29. Along with unlocking new legendary skins exclusive during this event period through loot box drops or purchases with in-game currency, last year’s Summer Games exclusive skins will be discounted in credit prices. That means players can buy last year’s legendary tier skins for 1,000 credits instead of the usual 3,000 for event-exclusive legendary skins, and 250 instead of 750 for epic skins.

Lucio Ball also make a comeback with some tweaks, and with a brand new competitive titled “Copa Lucio Ball,” where players can compete and unlock a unique in-game spray for the game. Players who play 10 games of competitive Lucio Ball will get an exclusive spray, while the top 500 players in Copa Lucio Ball will get another exclusive spray of their own.

All photos courtesy of Blizzard

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