Thoughts on TI7 bracket stage Day 1

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Here are some observations I had. Invictus Gaming looks good and the reason is because it finally figured out a play style that can allow Xxs and Boboka to shine. This is also due to the patch as I feel the primary skill players that should be carrying this team are Xxs, Boboka and Op. Q and BurNIng can have big games and impact, but their role is to facilitate the other three as they are the only two players flexible enough to do that on this team.

Newbee looked great. I can’t believe it. But I won’t buy into them yet until the semifinals start because that is the other point where they start choking. Speaking of choking, Evil Geniuses had uncharacteristically bad execution in its games against Newbee. I won’t say they would have definitely won, but they looked worse in terms of teamwork and coordination than I have seen before (in this iteration).

Everything else was straightforward. Shouts to my onliners, Invictus Gaming Vitality, for always living up to their status as the great onliners of our time.

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