Faker comparing this split to spring 2016: “I think I have a lot more concerns this split.”

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok said SK Telecom T1’s most recent struggles in the League Champions Korea summer concern him more than problems from last year.

After a four match losing streak in the middle of the split, SKT enters the summer playoffs in fourth place. In a video interview with Fomos, Faker was asked his thoughts about the current split compared to the 2016 spring split, in which SKT had a similar downturn in the middle of the split and entered the playoffs in third place before winning the championship.

“I didn’t think we were playing that poorly (during 2016’s spring), so I wasn’t concerned,” he said. “But I think I have a lot more concerns this split.”

Spring 2016 included some of uncharacteristic defeats at the hands of the Jin Air Green Wings and a then-ailing Longzhu Gaming. Still, SKT managed to come back and win the playoffs, defeating the ROX Tigers in the finals. SKT then went on to win the Mid-Season Invitational.

SKT enters this summer’s playoffs after suffering a four match losing streak in the middle of the split, an unprecedented down turn for the three time world champions. But SKT rebounded to win its final four matches heading into the playoffs.

“We increased our practice amount and I think the team atmosphere changed,” Faker said. “I think I was able to see everyone get a lot more serious about the games.”

One of the controversial aspects of SKT during its losing streak was an alleged lack of practice, as players were often seen playing other games during streams. Team members such as Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan went as far to publicly state that the team was slacking off in practice and vowed to get back into the proper mindset.

With SKT still very much alive in the LCK and League of Legends World Championship picture, Faker seems determined to win the finals. When asked about any good memories that came to mind during the split, he gave an interesting answer:

“Since we didn’t make it to the finals yet,” Faker said. “I don’t really have a good memorable moment right now.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games

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