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Changes to Roadhog, Junkrat, and Widowmaker released in Overwatch’s latest PTR patch

Widowmaker, Roadhog and Junkrat all received changes in the Overwatch PTR.
Widowmaker is one of a handful of Overwatch heroes to receive changes in the PTR. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

The latest update to Overwatch’s Public Test Region includes changes to Roadhog, Junkrat and Widowmaker, two of the them having already been teased by game director Jeff Kaplan.

Junkrat can now carry up to two of his Concussion Mines, and his ultimate ability, Rip Tire, now moves faster by 30 percent and no longer has a time limit while wall climbing. Most of these changes were talked about before by principle designer Geoff Goodman, who wrote that the team wanted go give Junkrat some more mobility with his Concussion Mine and more power to his ultimate, so it can pose a better threat.

Roadhog now receives 50 percent less damage and can freely move around while using his ability Take a Breather, which heals a substantial amount of his health. Roadhog has been gutted by previous patches, making him one of the most unpopular tanks in the game for the current meta. As more people clamored for a buff for him, Goodman replied to a forum post that the big buff listed above was indeed on the way. By taking less damage and being able to move while healing, this buff might put Roadhog back into relevance, as he will be assuredly more difficult to kill.

Orisa also went through some changes. Her primary fire weapon has a faster projectile travel speed, and her barrier received a 20 percent increase in size and had its shape altered to give better protection to allies standing behind it from enemies positioned below the barrier. The Changes to Orisa were addressed by Kaplan, calling them “minor adjustments.” Although she’s not the most popular tank choice as of right now, it seems like she’s in a good place, as there seems to be no immediate need to buff her.

Widowmaker gets some buffs

Along with a new map, Widowmaker received a new effect for her Venom Mines. Enemy heroes hit by the mine will now be visible, but only to Widowmaker, which will give her a chance to re-position or hunt down an enemy. Her Grappling hook also had its cooldown timer buffed from 12 seconds to eight, which means she can fly around the map a lot more efficiently now.

“Outline Opacity” added to target reticles

If you thought the crosshairs were hard to see at times, you’re in luck! The PTR added Outline Opacity to make them much more visible.

Deathmatch goes live

The new Arcade game modes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, which Kaplan said was coming “soon,” have been added for testing.

The Deathmatch game mode will have its own scoreboard and two varieties players can choose to play. First is Deathmatch, an eight-person free-for-all game where the objective is to reach 20 kills first. The second is Team Deathmatch, a 6-v-6 game where the first team to reach 30 kills wins the match. As an added twist in Team Deathmatch, Mercy’s ultimate ability, Resurrect, will take kills away from the opponents’ scoreboard, making her a valuable asset.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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