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Riot targeting Azir updates for League of Legends Patch 7.19

Riot is targeting League of Legends Patch 7.19 for Azir updates.
Riot is targeting League of Legends Patch 7.19 for Azir updates. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Azir’s update could come to League of Legends as early as Patch 7.19, though that’s not guaranteed.

According to a reply from Riot Asyrite on the League of Legends forums, there is no set schedule for the updates for Azir and LeBlanc, but Riot is pushing for Azir’s to be done in time for Patch 7.19.

“We’re actually targeting 7.19 for Azir, but that comes with some assumptions so take that as a ‘you may see the Azir update in 7.19, but not guaranteed’,” Asyrite wrote. “For Leblanc we’re still in iteration with no specific patch target yet. We want to make sure this isn’t just another LB update. We want it to be the one we’re happy and able to support going forward.”

The updates for Azir were first signaled June 7 and there has since been a number of pivots with no definitive changes sticking to the champion. The direction of the update received more structure as of a June 20 post, as the dev team said it wanted to change him in one of two ways: reduce the range where he can command his soldiers while keeping his mobility roughly the same, or keep the same command range but shoot his mobility in the foot by killing his ability to dash toward his soldiers.

Leblanc’s update has been in the pipeline since May 26 and was designated as a historically problematic character in League of Legends. The problem seems to stem from Leblanc’s assassination potential despite having a large amount of mobility, making her aggressive plays come at a small risk.

It’s not that the two champions have been completely ignored from patch notes, either, as there was a change to the damage Azir’s soldiers do, as well as a nerf to LeBlanc’s Q. But those touch ups are not really the large scale updates that Riot promised its users, leading to some confusion when the updates will take place.

The pressure is mounting particularly because at least two champion updates, Udyr and Rengar, already took a backseat because of the planned work on Azir and LeBlanc. With the schedule remaining ambiguous, the other proposed changes may come at an altered schedule, too.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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