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Kobbe on playing Vayne against Vitality: “There was actually an old strategy we had when we were playing kind of fun games…Sencux would go play Vayne, and I would play something mid lane.”

Kobbe says he prefers more serious games.
Kobbe (Kasper Kobberup) says he prefers more serious games. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Splyce and Team Vitality played a two-game role-swap bonanza to close their season on Sunday. After Splyce defeated Vitality, AD carry Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup spoke with Slingshot’s Kelsey Moser about the matches, Infinity Edge, and facing G2 in playoffs.

Kelsey Moser: What makes Infinity Edge the best item in the game?

Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup: Infinity Edge is really broken. That’s why I chose to build it on Irelia today.

KM: And Vayne as well, yes?

KK: Yeah, like Vayne, you have one of the best two-item power spikes with IE and Shiv, so it’s kind of the meta for AD carries. On a few, you can go Essence Reaver, but otherwise you go Infinity Edge into attack speed items, which is probably the strongest build.

KM: I’ve heard some say it has shifted the Ashe back up into favor as opposed to the Varus because you can go IE or Essence Reaver on Ashe a bit more easily.

KK: I think it’s actually good for Ashe. Not sure for Varus. I think Blade is still fine for him. But yeah, for Ashe, I think Blade is still good on him. But yeah, for Ashe, I like to go this Infinity Edge attack speed build. If not, I think you should go Essence Reaver. But it depends if you can use your Arrow in game and fire on cooldown with Essence Reaver, but otherwise the other build is really good for damage.

KM: Honestly, when I saw the Vayne, knowing it would be something of a fun game, I kind of expected it would be Sencux playing it. Did you guys fight over that at all?

KK: There was actually an old strategy we had when we were playing kind of fun games or we’d be 2-0 up in a series, then Sencux would go play Vayne, and I would play something mid lane. But in this series, we kind of stuck to our own roles (or some of us). In the first game, I think we only had Trashy went support — actually, all of us swapped roles (laughs).

But no, I haven’t been practicing Vayne or anything. I was just told we were playing something fun.

KM: You didn’t start off too well in that game either. Can you talk a little bit about what went wrong?

KK: So we played like Vayne-Lulu, and we just basically wanted to scale for late game, but we got destroyed pretty hard early game. And I couldn’t really fight or do anything because early game went so wrong. So I basically just had to sit on side lane and farm for my three items before I could start fighting. Luckily, my team was doing well, so the game wasn’t over, and I could start helping there.

KM: When you have this kind of opportunity to play troll games, Splyce really enjoys kind of blowing off steam. In spring, for example, even though H2K picked much more serious comps in your final games, you still went for more fun comps. Do you want to talk a bit about that or why your team gravitates toward it?

KK: I was a bit skeptical going into it because last time we played against H2K, we were kind of having a bit too much fun, and H2K were playing full tryhard. I didn’t really like that much, and I think everyone was having fun playing these fun picks, but personally I prefer a serious game. It’s still OK to kind of relax a bit after months of hard work, so it’s not the worst.

KM: I had an interview with Jesiz where he said he thinks it’s important to use all the stage games possible for practice. Do you have a different side to this?

KK: In a way, I kind of agree because we’re in playoffs, and I think it would be fair to say we should take all the practice that they can get. But at the same time, Vitality didn’t have anything to play for, so — like I wasn’t much into the discussion. It wasn’t really my decision because, as I said, I would prefer a serious game.

KM: About the ban phase messages, was there any discussion on that?

KK: I was only — only the Boris thing, I thought was quite funny to ban. But what we did in first game, I don’t know, I just got told to ban something.

KM: Any hints yet who Boris is?

KK: Yeah, not really any hints. I can’t speak about it, but he’s been to great help — or it has been to great help.

KM: Going forward, looking at G2, when I’ve talked to G2, they’ve actually spoken highly of you guys. Is there some secret way Splyce matches up well against them?

KK: Obviously we’re going to have a really hard time facing G2 already in the quarterfinal, but we put ourselves into this situation with how it ended up in regular split. I think we have a chance. I don’t think that people should count us out. I’m sure we can take games off them. If we have a really good day, I’m sure we can take the series as well. Obviously, it’s in their favor on paper. I think we can win.

KM: Obviously, you had a rougher year on paper. In general, you still stay pretty optimistic or enjoy each other’s company. Is there something you would say to Splyce fans or that has been a key to staying positive?

KK: The biggest thing we have going on for us is obviously everyone is good friends and get along both in game and out of game. We enjoy living each other. We spend all our time together, basically. That makes it easier for practice as well, and everyone can be open and say whatever they want to each other.

We’ve had big issues, and everything, but we managed to solve them, and I think that’s what made us stronger in the end. But yeah, this year it was a bit rough in the beginning when you go from placing second in EU LCS and playing at worlds to going out in quarters. That was probably the most heartbreaking defeat.

For the future, this playoffs (or if we make it to worlds or not) is going to decide a lot of things. Thanks to every Splyce supporter we have. I hope you will keep cheering for us in the future.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games