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New Eternum Cassiopeia skin teased for League of Legends

A new Eternum Cassiopeia was teased in League of Legends.
A new Eternum Cassiopeia was teased in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

A brand new Cassiopeia skin, Eternum Cassiopeia, was teased Tuesday via a PBE Preview and through League of Legends’ various social media.

The new skin seems to have a custom recall animation as well as new visual, sound, and spell effects. The skin will likely hit League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment in the near future.

Eternum Cassiopeia is a continuation of the Eternum skin line, which was released with Nocturne first as a Legendary skin in December 2012 that cost 1,820 Riot Points (about $14). Since then, Eternum Rek’sai was added to the skin line for 1,350 RP ($10). The skins have the same theme of mechanical entities with an emphasis on the color red when using its abilities. All Eternum skins have had unique recalls, south, visual, and spell effects.

The price and release date for the new skin have not yet been announced.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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